"We Write Our own Story by fully unleashing our Creativity and our Imagination"

– Marco Missinato

Marco Missinato


The Soul Voyage On Planet Earth

The Soul’s story when it chooses its next adventure as a Physical experience on planet Earth. Together the book and album bring forth nine chapters and nine musical soundscapes creating a complete “journey od the Soul” experience


All proceeds will be used for humanitarian purposes

 “Journey of the Soul” is the story of the Soul choosing a physical Experience and beginning its journey to Planet Earth–the most complex and challenging playground for the Soul. This physical experience on Earth holds the harshness of polarity, duality, fragmentation, separation, diversity and the upside down reverted holographic realities of the inverted Matrix.

Graduating from such a deep experience of separation rewards the Soul with perhaps the highest level of self-mastery and it impacts not only the Soul’s personal evolution but also the expansion of all other expressions of Source to become more profound and vibrant within a state of Self, Love, and Oneness. 

This book so well takes us through the journey of the soul as it graduates from a profound experience of separation into a higher level of its Source essence. This process not only provides for the soul’s enlightenment process but, at the same time, expands all other expressions of source on the playground of life to become more profound and vibrant within a state of self, love and oneness.   


  Franco DeNicola – Advance Consciousness teacher



Marco Missinato is an artist, a music composer, a photographer and a messenger of Peace and Love. His vibrant creativity is intended to be a pure offering in support of Humanity and Mother Earth at this delicate and most important transitioning time. 

As his creative process deepens and as he walks his path, he shares his unique music, photography and his constantly expanding points of views and personal findings with all those individuals who find resonance with his artistic labor and whom are seeking improvement in their Lives. This book and its complementary music album express the summarization of his amazing experience on Earth so far. 

Wenda Blake’s journey has been one of ease, grace, and maintaining an aura of Light and Love wherever she goes. She has given the world her gifts of love, prayer, writing, and healing arts. Now she combines them all to focus on helping others cross the rainbow bridge into manifesting their own world of Love, Grace, Compassion and Oneness. Wenda carries a GREAT LOVE for Earth and came to assist in this planet’s grand transformation. 


A Deep Journey into Our Emotions

“Music is the door, the bridge between Us and our Soul. It is like a ray of Light which illuminates the darkness of our fears and disintegrates all inhibitions. When we completely lose ourselves in an honest musical experience we are our true selves: open, vulnerable, real”
– Marco Missinato


The Soul Voyage on Planet Earth


Melodies & Soundscapes
Mastered in 432 hz

Nine Deep emotional journey

Immerse yourself into the melodies and soundscapes of an intense musical “Journey of the Soul,” and surrender to the deep emotional sojourn that might just reconnect your Soul with Earth and Life itself.
These nine musical tracks were recorded live in The Netherlands and Los Angeles and have been mastered at 432 HZ for a more heart-opening pure sound experience. Each track inspired the Composer to narrate corresponding chapters in his book, Journey of the Soul.
Allow this musical creation and accompanying book to take you on a guided tour of one of the most complex and challenging playgrounds for the Soul—A journey to Planet Earth.

“I believe that you are magic,
that you are an extraordinary being.
I believe that within yourself there is
a great force and that you came
here on Earth to utilize that force
to further expand yourself
and, as a reflection of doing that,
to make a difference in the world,
to support Mother Earth, to support Humanity
and to dance fully with Life.
My fellow human being, I believe in you,
and I love you” – Marco Missinato



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