The group of individual that will be part of such production will gather through the power of resonance and divine sinchronicity.

In other words, the people that will be attracted to this venture will be people that have now shifted out from the old world, out from the conventional ways of been humans into the new ways, the ways of the workers of light.

These are individuals who now live more towards the natural flow of divine order and therefore are motivated by joy, love, compassion, excitement and heartfelt creativity, frequencies that are in line with the vibration of Mother Earth and the Universe.

They have surrendered to their inner intuition and they are now, and some have always been motivated by those feeling of rightness that come from their guts and hearts and have greatly reduced the ones that come from their mind (ego). Many of these beautiful people call themselves ligthworkers.

At the present time there are thousands of such beautiful souls on Earth, and every day new join the group. It is a growing population destined to uplift and transform the entire world. Among them the new children and the Artists along with many other.

These beautiful humans cannot any longer use the "old ways" based on scarcity and fear to live their lives, some of them never could from the very beginning (like myself).

Therefore they find themselves in the challenging position in which the ways of the old world do not work anymore and those of new world are not quite fully there yet.

They are like butterflies with their wings ready to spread into the sky but the cocoon is not entirely broken yet.

Even if they can see through into the beautiful blue sky and breathe the fresh air of the outside, the broken walls are not yet big enough to allow them to go out spread their wings and fly. However they are in strong communication with those butterfly that are already out flying in the sky (Angels or E.T.s) and they constantly gather strength from them to endure the last challenging times before they too will be flying free.

The experience of producing this event will be for all of us a first taste of how it will be once they are flying free in the sky. And at the end it will facilitate the final outcome: the spread of our beautifully colored wings

The process of production and its planning will still take great consideration of the elements of the old world, such as money, masses programming, old thinking patterns, old beliefs and definitions and the many concerns of conventional thinking. But most of all it will deliver the elements of the new upcoming world.

It will blend the old with the new with a gentle stretch using love, compassion, and the full recognition of the greatness that resides within each of us.

This is because this project has as first objective to create a bridge between the old and the new. The first ones that will experience such bridge will be the developers of the event themselves

This project among many other things wants to be an example of how things can be accomplished with the new paradigms but without being too "foreign" to the awakening masses still attached to the 3-dimensional thinking.  Therefore it will promote love and trust by creating first of all a sense of safety from which it will be easier to "let go".

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