These group of strong, wonderful unstoppable people are the ambassadors of the Event.

They will implement new very elegant

and non-manipulative marketing technique congruent with the high-vibration

of the journey that they are advertising.

They will trigger the curiosity and interest of the masses and potential sponsors through

the magnetic fields of Love, Beauty, Truth, Joy, Enthusiasm, Passion applied to the words,

the graphics, the web pages, the blogs,

the interviews, the TV and Radio announcements with no hidden agenda.

It will simply be a genuine invitation to be part of the experience and a powerful and inspiring presentation of the journey displaying the true intents beyond it.

A non-intrusive viral marketing work will be

part of the marketing program.

The result will be people coming to the event with a genuine excitement about it, not induced by astute tricks and hypnotic sell inducible commercials but by a strong feeling of "resonance" with the offering.

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