Music goes much further then being an entertaining art.

In the ancient times when someone was sick it was used to call

the musician to heal and cure the disease.

Music is the most powerful vibration on Earth.

Musicians consciously or subconsciously have always understood and felt such power.

Unfortunately sometimes they have been limited by the "programming" which often is spread through the music educational system and the music industry.

The truth is that now more then ever musicians have a tremendous power and responsibility.

It is the power of transforming people

into the divine joy of oneness.

And that is what is about to happen now,

we are going back home.


For music to be a bridge to such transition the musicians need to let go at the programming and the patterns

of "how music should be"

by first detoxifying themselves from the "right" and "wrong" ways dictated by the profit oriented industry.   

Then shifting into the necessary innocence and wonder, allowing to fully come to surface the real

and often forgotten reasons why they began

their musical journey which is to share

love, passion, joy, and the deep connection

that is created when the music takes us to Oneness.

The making of such an event will facilitate such process

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